Fluo Release


1. After Effects IndiVideo Plugin

With a new Decision Tree module, users can manage additional variations of the same video, allowing them to customize and improve a project’s outreach. Gives motion designers and creators ability to create tailored messages for all possible audience segments easily into the hundreds. 

Improved testing methodology by automatically generating testcases using the decision tree module 

Motion designers are now able to produce personalized interactive elements in the form and interactive text fields without the need to engage development teams  

Beta integration with Google’s Text-to-Speech 

Re-designed the Content List module, making it more intuitive and in sync with the project workflow 

Motion designers can now add chapters to the video progress bar 

2. Smart Player

Added Auto play feature for maximum compatibility based on new regulation 

Improved Google Analytics integration and updated functionality with the new same-site policy 

Updated Smart-Player to show appropriate message on screen when an error occurred that prevented the video experience to work as desired 

3. Academy

Additional training videos to help users start employing the most used personalization techniques 

      • Dates and sentences 
      • Interactive personalization (email, URL, phone) 
      • Using numbers to express amounts and currency values 
      • Composing personalized sentences 


Added instructions on how to use Smart-Tracking in the interactive IndiVideo experience 

Added instructions on how to deploy and use the auto-lightbox feature 

Added instructions on how to integrate with Google Analytics 

4. IndiVideo Portal

Users are now able grant access permission by sharing projects, videos and analytics with others right from the portal 

Added ability to self-onboard by going through a new onboarding flow where account creation can now be initiated  

Analytics dashboards are automatically generated for projects that are launched 

User initiated 1:1 communication by personalizing and sending existing videos 

Added ability for users to automatically generate and copy a video poster to email  

Added ability to personalize videos by uploading images 

5. Ongoing robustness

Implemented better ways to run and validate unit tests for each release 

Improved automatic large scale batch data imports 

Updated Smart-Player error tracking for easier investigation 

6. Critical Bugs

Fixed timeout issues with large deployments  

Fixed issue that was causing long render times in After Effects 

Fixed portal video view where the video was appearing outside of the defined edges making the page appear broken 

Fixed login issues for user and content creator roles  

Fixed behaviour where portal session expiration would not push users to login page 

Improved stability of personalized call to action feature in After Effects 

Video preview link is now functional for all the hosting environments 

Fixed personalization issue with a Boolean data-point where the data-point was not being saved