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You will want to be familiar with the following terms to get the best out of your experience using IndiVideo.

Analytics dashboard

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Approval level

Learn more on approval levels here.

Attachment code

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Authoring mode

This video creation mode is all about our Adobe After Effect  plugin. In authoring mode, you get to create your own IndiVideo project, set up datapoints that pertains to your specific usecase, create a multi-variation interactive experience, and more!

Download the IndiVideo extension here!

Batch upload

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In IndiVideo Portal, your company is the group to which you belong as a user.

A company is managed by an administrator-type user, who oversees project access and user management.

CTA button

Typical short-form for "call-to-action", CTA buttons are a type of button that can be included in any IndiVideo project. The Smart-Player comes fully equiped to intercept in-video CTAs and track usage in your project's analytics dashboard.

Data upload

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Datapoints are IndiVideo's bread and butter. These are the dynamic values an IndiVideo expects to receive in the recipient's data and display at run-time in the viewer's browser.

A datapoint can be text-based, a number, or a boolean type. They can be from a pre-defined list of accepted values, or they can be free-form. They can appear in the video in a number of ways, ranging from as-is text form, to localized currency format, to dates and images.

Anything an IndiVideo needs to display dynamically can be accomplished through datapoints: CTA urls and phone numbers, color schemes, your client's first name and a picture of their pet. Anything's possible!

Delete a project

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Learn more on deployments here.


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Engaged user

In the analytics dashboard, an engaged user is someone that has watched at least 75% of the video.

Hide a project

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Learn more about integration here.

Integration information also available in your IndiVideo project's Test page.

Interaction button

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Interactive video

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Media item

A media item is a specific video version deployed for a specific language.

You can see all your media items in your project's page.

Portal screen capture of the Deployment tab with highlighted media items.

Media type

The type of a media of an IndiVideo is all about that IndiVideo's construction in authoring mode. There are 2 types:


This is the most common type of media used as it offers the widest range of creative videos. The Smart-Player loads an mp4 media file in addition to the interactive and dynamic elements.


Less common, the Smart-Player will only be loading an mp3 media file. Visual elements of the video are driven by SVG animation. While this type of media allows for faster load times, authoring mode users will find its creative range restricted.

One to many

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One to one

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Preview page

IndiVideo Portal offers a public-facing page to view your personalized video project. This page is called the Preview page.

Skip the integration process with the Customized Preview page!

Starting version 26.2 (Horizon), Portal users can customize a project's Preview page, and use it in place of an external landing page. Save you and your team the effort of building and hosting a brand new page to embed your IndiVideo, and gain instant access to this feature with IndiVideo Portal.


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Project access

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Project metadata

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Action to assign a new approval level to a media item.


This term represents a person that will receive a personalized video.

From a data perspective, a recipient is the complete group of datapoints for a specific personalized video experience.


A recipient-code is the unique identifier for a complete group of datapoints for a recipient, for a specific personalized video.

Scene assembler

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Coming soon.

Share a project

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The Smart-Embed is a BlueRush proprietary script that embeds and manages the Smart-Player in a webpage. It is also responsible for fetching the IndiVideo project information.

Read more on integrating IndiVideo here.

Integration information also available in your IndiVideo project's Test page.


The Smart-Player is a BlueRush proprietary script that generates a video player built to display and interact with an IndiVideo.

The IndiVideo Product team continuously delivers updates to the platform, and the Smart-Player, in order to keep up with best practices and Accessibility regulations.


A Template is a special type of IndiVideo project. You can choose from an ever growing selection of templates under the Templates tab:

IndiVideo Portal screen capture of the active Templates tab

You can create your own IndiVideo project from any of these templates without ever using the IndiVideo authoring tool in Adobe After Effect.

Some templates are ready for personalization out-of-the-box. Some require a certain level of self-recording, while others rely on multiple parts to be assembled in the scene assembler.

Test case

A test case is mock-data that aims to be a pseudo-recipient. Those can be reviewed in the Test page.

Test page

Every media item can be viewed and tested through the Test page.

IndiVideo Portal screen capture showing where the Test Page can be accessed

This page serves as a test environment for an IndiVideo project and the personalized data. This page also contains pertinent integration information, and Javascript API information.

Transfer a project

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