How do I connect INDIVIDEO and HubSpot

INDIVIDEO can easily be configured to drive HubSpot marketing automation using workflows.

Before you begin   

Expect to switch back and forth between IndiVideo and HubSpot for the installation and integration process

Applies to HubSpot Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise

You must have an administrator privilege in IndiVideo with access to Integrations

You must have all the required HubSpot user permissions:

  • CRM Tools – Workflows – grant user Delete, Edit and View access
  • Marketing – Lists – grant the user access to the lists tool
  • Marketing Tools – Campaigns – grant the user Write or Read access to campaigns tool
  • Marketing Tools – Email – grant the user Publish, Write or Read access to email tool
  • Website Tools – Landing pages – grant the user to Publish, Write, or Read access*
*if you are going to use HubSpot landing pages to host the IndiVideo

General expectations of the Hubspot – Individeo integration   

You must have an IndiVideo with at least one personalization data field

You must have a landing page where the personalized video is hosted. For this you can either use landing pages that come with HubSpot and integrate an IndiVideo Smart Embed (see another guide) or a personalized video preview page generated by IndiVideo

Install the HubSpot – IndiVideo integration   

Step 1: Login to IndiVideo with your credentials

Step 2: In the upper left corner click on Projects


Step 3: Select any personalized video from My Projects library

Step 4: In the navigation tab menu click on integration tab and select HubSpot integrations


Step 5: Click login under CRM AUTH

Step 6: In a pop-up window, enter your HubSpot credentials and click log in


Step 7: After logging in, you’ll be asked to connect IndiVideo to your HubSpot account. Select your account from the available list and click Choose Account


Step 8: Review and confirm IndiVideo access to Hubspot


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